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The perfect companion for any home

Sometimes a blend of two ingredients that you otherwise wouldn’t think should go together turns out to produce something great.  Remember that old Reeses Pieces candy commercial where a gal walking down the street eating from a jar of peanut butter runs into a guy eating a chocolate bar (“Hey, you got chocolate in my peanut butter! You got peanut butter on my chocolate!”)?  They then share the result and it tastes pretty yummy.

That’s the way it is with the Cavapoo—a crossbreed of two fine purebred dogs that produces a hybrid dog with the desirable traits that each breed brings to the mix.  The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a toy dog developed in sixteenth century England as a companion dog.  The Poodle is a much older breed from Germany  and France intended (believe it or not) to be a sporting dog, specifically a water retriever.  A  Cavapoo is the offspring of the Cavalier and the Poodle (either a miniature or a toy).  It was one of the earliest “hybrid” dogs, first bred during the fifties.  I believe it’s the best.

The Cavalier is known for its loveable and friendly nature, and makes a great lap dog.  The Poodle is one of the most intelligent breeds, is athletic and has a non-shedding coat.  But both have potential problems.  The Cavalier has been so closely bred to its breed standard that it can be prone to a number of potential health problems.  The Poodle sometimes does not have a good temperament and may exhibit aggressive behaviors toward strangers. It needs a great deal of stimulation and exercise or else it may become bored and act out.

Crossbreeding the Cavalier and the Poodle usually produces a puppy with the desirable traits of each parent without the potential negatives.  The resulting Cavapoo is friendly, cuddly, healthy, playful, highly trainable, smart and mostly non-shedding.  You want to chill out on the couch?  Your Cavapoo is down for that.  How about a brisk walk around the park?  Let’s go! Cavapoos love kids and make great family dogs.  Their smallish size (about fourteen or fifteen pounds) also makes for a fine companion for folks who live alone or in small apartments.

Like any blend, you want the highest quality ingredients to go into it.  My sires and dams are all American Kennel Club registered and come from well-documented bloodlines.  As a hybrid, the Cavapoo is not eligible for AKC registration, but you can be confident that my Cavapoos come from the finest stock.

Color wise, a Cavapoo litter is like a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re going to get.  Tri-color, black and white, red and white, merle, apricot, cream or gold are all possible.  But whatever the color, they all have that friendly personality and temperament that makes them such irresistible pets and beloved family members.