Raw Diet

Here at Carolina Cavapoos we produce, package and distribute our own raw diet food for our Cavapoos containing muscle meat, organs and veggies. It can be purchased at a rate of $10/lb.

Why would I feed my pup a raw diet?

Dogs are carnivores. Although they were domesticated thousands of years ago and they look very different from their wild ancestors-wolves and wild dogs-their genetic material is almost exactly the same, which also means their digestive system has not changed much. They have carnivore digestive organs and their teeth, stomach, bowels and enzymes are made for raw animal meat. They need nutrition that is rich with animal proteins and very few carbohydrates. In order to stay healthy, they need the same food their wild relatives are eating and that is raw pray.

What are the benefits of a raw diet?

Benefits of feeding your dog raw food are endless. Your dog will live longer and you will reduce visits to the veterinarian to the minimum. A raw diet will also help prevent allergies, improve your dog’s immune system, and encourage bone development at an appropriate rate. We all know it is not good when puppies grow too fast. In addition, if you have a soon to be dog-mom and you feed her raw animal protein, she will be stronger, have more milk and her babies will be healthier. Raw bones will give your dog clean teeth and stronger gums. Dogs that feed this way also drink less water, because the meat is not dry as it is when it is cooked or baked. Your dog’s stool will be smaller, more firm and non-odorous, because he digested more than he could have by eating kibble. Chewing and ripping raw meat bones develops shoulder, neck and jaw muscles. Finally, natural food is often cheaper than food available in pet shops and supermarkets and unlike commercial food, natural food will give your dog more energy and make him more alive, active, and vibrant!

Feeding specifications:

Adult dogs should be fed 2.5% – 3% of their body weight to maintain their current weight. Feed more to fatten a leaner Frenchie. Bones should make about 15% of the diet and meat 75%; Organs are very rich and should make only about 10%. As carnivores eat much of their veggies and fruits from the stomach content of others (and cannot digest them well themselves) it’s always advised to mush or pulverize them.

If you’d like to purchase our raw diet or learn more about our product contact us directly.